Rinu Seba
2 min readOct 22, 2022


What is Love? Love for me is home. That is the place where I felt love. I don’t have a definition for Love. Love for me is knowing that my family would be there for me. Love for me is the warmth that my parents give me. Love for me is the way my sister annoys me. I feel love from home.

It was almost 8 in the morning. I still haven’t woken up from my sleep. It was the time when my family was complete. All four of us were at home. I was slowly being drifted away from my deep sleep upon hearing sounds from the TV. I hate that in the mornings. It has to be my father.

“Let it be,” I thought to myself and put myself to sleep ignoring the voices that woke me up.

Not less than a minute later I almost got an attack when my sister jumped onto me.

“Wake uuuupppppp, my baaaaaby!” She screamed into my ears.

God! How I wished I could throw her out of the window. Instead of trying to push her away upon being annoyed I took my hand and hugged her tiny body this time. My hug melted her heart and she quickly lay beside me happily. The love I feel when I have such rare moments with my sister would always remain as my greatest memories.

The realization struck her only after some time that the duty that was assigned to her was to wake me up. “You silly! You fooled me! Get off your bed now” She got up and shook me with her small hands.

“Please leave me alone!” I pleaded to her, unable to open my eyes

“She won’t wake uppppppp. I’m done trying!” She shouted out to my parents and with an annoying kiss on my cheek left my room. I always wanted her to be with me for some more time. Well, I will never let her know that. But the LOVE I have towards her is beyond explanation.

My sister. She is the sweetest person alive in the world. I will do anything for her. I will be there for her. I will give away my life for her. I know that is love. My adorable sister. I’d be lost without her. We may not get along together for everything, we are soo different, yet we are the same. I don’t care if she is elder than me, which I’ve never felt, I’d go to any lengths to protect her, to keep her safe, and to make her happy. Always! She is a gem of a person and I won’t let anyone or anything take away her happiness.

If I don’t have a tomorrow, I want her to know that she is my everything.



Rinu Seba

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